Naxx 10 Man Rosters (WIP)

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Naxx 10 Man Rosters (WIP)

Post by Yaboybangs on Fri Jun 24, 2016 4:06 am

So I know that a few of you are friends in RL, and I understand that you probably would prefer to raid with each other. That's totally fine, the problem is that I don't know who is who, or who plays what characters, so I'm gonna need help with that. I did my best putting together a pretty bare bones roster (which I'll link below) that covers most of the key buffs, while trying to avoid splitting up you guys who I know are friends. I'm happy to lead it, Naxx mechanics are easy as hell, both to execute and explain. Another problem I'm facing is that I don't skill the level of the players that I've put together, and I can't really know until I've seen them play. Because of the tuning on this server, gear is also a bit of an issue for tanks and healers, and occasionally dps. That being said I don't know anyones gear level off the top of my head, but I'd like to talk to any tanks or healers. Finally anything that I've put down in the spreadsheet is not final, so if you don't see yourself listed on a roster or even in the class/spec listings, please don't worry, it will get addressed.

Link to the Google Spreadsheet:

Additionally any players I haven't listed in the roster, don't worry because I work on a cycling weekly - monthly roster, so you will get a chance to be included
Please, if you have any questions just ask me in a PM

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